Collibra Data Governance

Collibra tool helps you learn the foundation of data governance and its application in the data-driven industry, along with proficiency in metadata management and data catalog. The prime purpose of this training is to create higher-level ownership with data stewards.

Collibra enables companies and enterprises to find data quickly, identify its source, and assure its integrity. It also helps to maintain and apply the organization's policies on different data assets.

It identifies and resolves the data duplication, maintains seamless data quality, and provides customizable dashboards to every user to showcase data lineage insights and analytics.

This training will get you the complete walk-through from the foundation of data governance, various operating models using the Collibra platform. Data Governance Framework, Collibra catalog, Workflow, and API with seamless integration of Data Office and AI, identifying Collibra privacy and risks, maintaining the data quality throughout, with effective strategic planning and other related topics are covered .

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